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Endodontist in Paris

Preserve your long-term dental health by treating the root of your teeth

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Welcome to our page dedicated to endodontics. The Smile Clinic is a renowned endodontic practice located in the heart of Paris, staffed with experienced and passionate endodontists.

We offer high-quality endodontic treatments to alleviate dental pain and save your teeth.

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What is endodontics?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the health of the inside of the tooth (the health of the pulp canal). Endodontists are specialists in endodontics trained to diagnose and treat dental pulp problems, such as inflammation, necrosis, or infection.

What is the role of an endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist specialized solely in this discipline. They possess in-depth knowledge of dental root anatomy as well as specific protocols and operative techniques in endodontics.

At The Smile Clinic, we utilize the latest techniques and technologies to save diseased teeth and alleviate your pain. Endodontists work closely with general dentists to provide comprehensive and quality dental care.

Why choose an endodontic specialist?

Endodontic specialists have extensive training and experience in treating dental pulp issues.

They are best equipped to select the most appropriate endodontic treatment for each patient. By choosing an endodontist in Paris (we recommend a specialist from our team!), you can be assured of receiving the best dental care for your teeth.

Dr. Alexa Elmaleh

Exclusive Endodontics & Endodontic Microsurgery specialist

With Dr. ELMALEH, the endodontic specialist at The Smile Clinic in Paris, and her team, you will receive optimal care for your dental conditions.

How does endodontic treatment work?

Endodontic treatment is a delicate process that requires special attention and expertise to protect and preserve the tooth in question. Here are the two main steps.

Examination of the tooth

Before beginning endodontic treatment, an endodontist will conduct a thorough evaluation of the tooth to determine the best approach to treat the pulp and nerves.

Pulp treatment

Endodontic treatment involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp from the tooth and replacing it with a filling material to protect the tooth.

Our comprehensive endodontic services

Thanks to advanced technical equipment and an operating microscope, our endodontic specialists can access and treat teeth with complex anatomies, retreat teeth with fractured instruments, and sometimes allow you to keep your natural teeth instead of opting for a dental implant.

Sale de soin de notre Dentiste Endodontiste Paris

Treatment room of our Endodontist in Paris

Why should you consider retreatment?

Sometimes, even if a tooth has already been treated, it can become reinfected. This reinfection may be related to very old and sometimes “insufficient” treatment, leading to the passage and growth of bacteria in the root canals. The development of this chronic infection is often asymptomatic.

In such cases, retreatment should be considered to prevent the infection from progressing and forming a cyst. After the removal of the old filling material, thorough cleaning and disinfection are carried out. The canals are then sealed, and the tooth can be restored.

Choosing the best endodontic specialist in Paris

If you are experiencing dental pain or pulp-related problems, it is crucial to consult a qualified endodontist. In Paris, you will find many endodontic practices offering quality care.

However, we recommend choosing the best endodontist in Paris.

For us, there is no debate; it is Dr. Alexa ELMALEH, the endodontist in Paris.

Endodontist Paris

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