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Teeth whitening in Paris

At the Smile Clinic, your dental whitening specialists in Paris

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Welcome to our page dedicated to dental whitening at our dental practice in Paris!

As specialists in teeth whitening in Paris, our aim is to transform your smile, making it brighter and more attractive than ever.

Thanks to our in-depth teeth whitening techniques, we ensure that every tooth receives the treatment it needs. Whether it’s a quick dental polish or a more detailed whitening process, we use advanced techniques such as hydrogen peroxide, customized dental trays and an LED lamp for optimal results.

And don’t worry if you’re a little sensitive! We understand that tooth enamel can be delicate, which is why we offer pain-free solutions. You can even continue the process at home with our at-home teeth whitening kit.


Dental care is not just about having white teeth, it’s also about maintaining impeccable oral hygiene. That’s why we offer professional post-treatment care, ensuring a healthy, bright smile for the long term. Ready to embark on the journey to a brighter smile?

Why should you have teeth whitening?

A whiter smile can help you feel more confident and make a better first impression. Whether you have a special event coming up or simply want to refresh your appearance, teeth whitening can give you the boost you need.

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What are tooth whitening techniques?

There are many different teeth whitening techniques. At Smile Clinic, we offer :

In-office tooth whitening:

This method uses a whitening gel activated by a light source for fast, effective results with ease.

At-home tooth whitening:

We provide a customized teeth whitening kit that you can use comfortably at home.

Laser teeth whitening:

This advanced technique uses a laser to activate the whitening gel for optimal results.

Dental Whitening Paris

Need to brighten up your smile?

Our Smile Clinic specialists are here for you!

Is tooth whitening dangerous?

Tooth whitening is generally safe if performed by a qualified dentist. There may be some temporary sensitivity, but we use techniques to minimize this discomfort. We will discuss everything you need to know during your consultation.



How to choose the best teeth whitening in Paris?

When it comes to choosing the best tooth whitening dentist in Paris, it is important to look for an experienced dentist. Dr. Badaoui is renowned for his expertise in teeth whitening. His in-depth knowledge and personalized approach ensure that you get the results you desire.

Tooth whitening before/after

Our patients are often amazed at how much brighter their smile becomes after tooth whitening. From slight improvements to dramatic transformations, teeth whitening can make a significant difference to your appearance.

So why wait? Let teeth whitening specialist Dr. Badaoui and the Smile Clinic team help you achieve the radiant smile you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about the price of teeth whitening in Paris and to schedule your consultation. At The Smile Clinic, we are committed to giving you a reason to smile.

Dental Whitening Paris

Need to brighten up your smile?

Our Smile Clinic specialists are here for you!

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