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Periodontal treatment and gum grafting

Are you experiencing periodontal issues and seeking a specialized dentist in Paris?

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What is Periodontology?

Periodontology is a dental specialty that deals with diseases and infections of the gums, bones, and tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. Periodontitis is the most common form of periodontal disease and can lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

Symptoms of periodontitis include gum bleeding, pain, swelling, bad breath, loose teeth, or gum recession. If you notice these symptoms, it’s essential to consult a periodontist in Paris for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

What are the risk factors for periodontitis?

• Smoking
• Diabetes
• Stress
• Blood disorders
• Family history of periodontitis

Periodontitis treatment in Paris

The treatment of periodontitis depends on the severity of the disease. For mild to moderate cases, treatment may include professional scaling and root planing, teeth polishing, bacteria-targeted therapy, and oral hygiene instructions.
For more severe cases, a surgical gum grafting procedure may be necessary to restore gum and bone health.


Traitement de la parodontite et greffe de gencive


Gum grafting treatment in Paris

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring damaged or deteriorated gums due to periodontal disease. It helps stabilize teeth and prevents further tooth loss.

How does gum grafting work?

Gum grafting involves removing healthy oral tissue and transplanting it to a damaged area. This treatment is typically done under local anesthesia and may take one to several hours, depending on the extent of the area being treated.
After the procedure, it’s normal to experience some swelling and discomfort, but medications can be prescribed to alleviate these symptoms. It’s essential to follow your Smile Clinic surgeon’s instructions for a swift recovery and optimal results.

Benefits of gum grafting

Gum grafting offers numerous benefits for oral health and aesthetics. It helps:
• Stabilize and improve tooth condition by reducing bone loss
• Promote bone regeneration around teeth
• Enhance the appearance of teeth by reshaping gum lines
• Prevent the progression of periodontitis and protect teeth
• Promote rapid healing and post-operative comfort

By choosing gum grafting, you can regain good oral health and lasting dental aesthetics.

Why choose The Smile Clinic for Periodontics?

If you’re seeking periodontitis treatment or gum grafting, Smile Clinic is the ideal destination. Our dental clinic specializes in periodontal treatment, staffed by experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to helping you achieve healthy gums.
We employ the latest techniques and technologies to ensure optimal results and a comfortable treatment experience for our patients.
We are committed to providing personalized service and assisting you in achieving your oral health goals.
Trust The Smile Clinic for superior periodontal care.

Periodontitis treatment and gum grafting Before/After examples

Explore some before and after examples of periodontal treatment performed at The Smile Clinic.

parodontologie parodontologie
parodontologie parodontologie

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Frequently asked questions about periodontitis treatment and gum grafting

Symptoms of periodontitis include painful and bleeding gums, loose or receding teeth, persistent bad breath, longer-looking teeth, gaps between teeth, and changes in tooth positioning. A dentist can diagnose periodontitis during a dental examination.

Periodontal treatment comprises several stages and may include deep cleaning of the teeth, treatment of periodontal pockets, and plaque and tartar reduction. The goal of treatment is to eliminate the bacteria causing inflammation and bone loss.

It is common to be able to return to your daily activities after gum grafting, but the recovery time may vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and the speed of healing. It’s crucial to follow the surgeon’s instructions to promote a swift and complication-free recovery.

Gum grafting is performed under local anesthesia, so pain during the procedure is minimal. After the procedure, you may experience some pain and swelling, but these can be managed with prescription pain relievers.

The recovery time after gum grafting may vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and the speed of healing. In general, it takes between one to two weeks for a complete recovery. It’s essential to follow the surgeon’s instructions to promote a swift and complication-free recovery.

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